Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain!

So, it started storming yesterday afternoon, and I THINK it's finally stopped now.  I was going to do some yard work, but I was grateful for the rain because that gave me an excuse to sit inside and stamp!  Although I really could have done some house work.  It was SO nice to listen to the rain last night though!  I was able to get some father's day cards done as well as a sympathy card.  Thankfully I don't need it just yet, but I got the Thanks for Caring set from the last mini and I wanted to try it out, so now I'm prepared.  Once I figure out a few more things on here I'll do what I can to get them posted.  I'll admit I CASE'd the sympathy card, but the father's day cards I designed myself (they're really just 3 of the same card so it wasn't TOO much creativity).  There are a LOT of cards that I've found over at SCS that I have added to my favorites to CASE or at least get some inspiration from.  I just need to get my latest order from my demo.  Silly me was all excited and set to go pick them up today, but then realized it's only Tuesday and I'm not actually going to be going to see her until tomorrow! =(  I guess that just means I need to get all the house work done today so that I'm completely free to play after I get all my new goodies.  I can only imagine what I'll have to bribe myself to do once I am my own demo and just have to wait on the guys in brown to deliver right to me!

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